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The Society gives out a variety of awards for outstanding performance.

Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award

This award is for an outstanding researcher who’s made a distinguished contribution to science.


Tom Trabasso Young Investigator Award

This award embodies the spirit of Tom Trabasso. It goes to an outstanding young scholar who received his or her PhD within the last 10 years and has made a significant contribution to the understanding of discourse processing and text analysis.

Winners include Mike Kaschak (2009), David N. Rapp (2010), Chantel Prat (2011), Panayiota Kendeou (2012), Tobias Richter (2013), Katherine Rawson (2014), Scott Crossley (2015), Raymond Mar (2016), Catherine Bohn-Gettler (2017), Sidney D’Mello (2018), Jason Braasch (2019), Doug Lombardi (2020), and Alexandra List (2021).


Jason Albrecht Outstanding Young Scientist Award

The Jason Albrecht Outstanding Young Scientist Award (JAOYSA) honors the memory of Jason Albrecht, a promising young text and discourse researcher who passed away. The award recognizes an outstanding paper based on a doctoral dissertation.

Jason Albrecht Outstanding Young Scientist Award Winners


Graduate Student Research Award

The Graduate Student Research Award (formally called the Outstanding Student Paper Award) recognizes quality in predissertation work that is predominantly that of a graduate student.

Graduate Student Research Award Winners


Undergraduate Student Research Award

The Undergraduate Student Research Award  recognizes quality in work that is predominantly that of an undergraduate graduate student, or research to which the undergraduate student contributed a significant amount of effort and support.

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