ST&D 2023 Hotel Information

General Information about Accommodations

Several significant events are taking place in Oslo at the same time as the conference. It can therefore be challenging to find an available hotel room. Therefore, the Conference Organizing Committee has reserved a fixed number of hotel rooms with a fixed rate for the conference period (June 27 – July 1). However, to get these rooms, you need to make a personal booking directly to the hotel by using a web link or booking code on the hotel’s webpage. This shared reservation is valid until April 15, so you should book your room as soon as possible and no later than April 15.

All hotels are located in the city center of Oslo, close to public transportation (tram and metro). It takes about 40 minutes to walk from the city center to the conference venue at Campus Blindern. With the metro, it takes about 10 minutes, including a short walk from the metro station. 

If you experience issues with this process, you may contact us via email: std2023 @  


Cheap Accommodations

Cochs Pensjonat (6 rooms)

Address: Parkveien 25, Oslo, 0350, Norway

Standard Double Room with private bathroom, mini kitchen, fridge, and TV, NOK 1100 – per night

No meals are included.

Conduct booking on the hotel’s booking site by using the following code: Universitetet i Oslo


Smarthotel Oslo (10 rooms)

Address: St Olavsgate 26, 0166 Oslo, Norway

Small Double Room – Breakfast included NOK 1100 – per night

Conduct booking on the hotel’s booking site by using the following code: UiO2023


Decent Accommodations

Thon Hotel Astoria (30 rooms)

Address: Dronningensgate 21, 0154 Oslo, Norway

Standard Single Room (one person) – Breakfast included NOK 1595 – per night

Standard Double Room (two people) – Breakfast included NOK 1795 – per night

Conduct booking by using the following link:


Nice Accommodations

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel (40 rooms)

Address: Holbergsgate 30, Oslo, 166, Norway

Standard Double Room – Super breakfast included NOK 1950 – per night (upgrade is possible for additional pay). Conduct booking on the hotel’s booking site by using the following code: STD

How to book on the hotel’s booking site: 1) select dates, 2) Select “promotional code” in the field “Selected rates”, and then you will get the opportunity to write in STD, 3) push the button “Check availability”. The promotional code with a fixed price is only valid from Jun 27th to July 1st. Alternatively, you can use this pre-filled link: