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Governing Board

Joe Magliano, Georgia State University, Chair2019-2022
Keith Millis, Northern Illinois University2015-2021
 Paul van den Broek, Leiden University2015-2021
Jason L. G. Braasch, Georgia State University2016-2022
Chantel Prat, University of Washington2016-2022
Jane Oakhill, University of Sussex2017-2023
Gale Sinatra, University of Southern California2017-2023
 M. Anne Britt, Northern Illinois University2018-2024
 Panayiota Kendou, University of Minnesota2018-2024
Kate Cain, Lancaster University2019-2025
Michael Wolfe, Grand Valley State University2019-2025
Catherine Bohn-Gettler, College of Saint Benedict – Saint John’s University2020-2026
Matt McCrudden, Pennsylvania State University2020-2026
Laura Allen, University of New Hampshire2021-2027
Jean-François Rouet, University of Poiters2021-2027
Ex Officio
Emily Smith, Siena CollegeTreasurer, 2020-2023
Mike Mensink, University of Wisconsin-StoutSecretary, 2017-2022
Scott Hinze, Middle Georgia State UniversitySecretary-elect, 2022-2025
Catherine Bohn-Gettler, College of Saint Benedict – Saint John’s UniversityCo-Editor of
Discourse Processes
Johanna Kaakinen, University of TurkuCo-Editor of
Discourse Processes

Previous officers and Governing Board members

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