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Fellow status in the Society for Text and Discourse is awarded to scholars who have made sustained and substantial contributions to field of text and discourse which are broadly and internationally recognized. Fellows are senior researchers, typically evidenced by at least 15 years of postdoctoral contribution.

See a list of current Fellows.

Fellowship status is awarded based on the following:

1. Outstanding contributions in the field of text and discourse as evidenced by any of the following three broad criteria:

  • Excellent and innovative research
  • Well received and widely-read articles in refereed journals (many citations, and high impact)
  • Receipt of important research grants

2. Outstanding contributions in teaching, supervision and training in the field of text and discourse, as evidenced by:

  • Having mentored and supervised individuals who themselves have positively influenced the field
  • Active role in organizing relevant teaching and/or research programs

3. Outstanding contributions in promoting the study of text and discourse as a discipline, as evidenced by:

  • Having developed research opportunities and settings
  • Active leadership and participation in professional organizations, especially within the Society for Text & Discourse.

Nomination Requirements for Fellows

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