2018 DSCA winner: Murray Singer

Murray Singer

Murray Singer is a professor of psychology at the University of Manitoba.  In a career spanning nearly 50 years, he has made substantial contributions to adult language comprehension, inference processing, memory, and question answering. He has used rigorous experimental methodologies to investigate how situation models are constructed and updated during the course of comprehending texts. This work has systematically compared major theoretical perspectives on text comprehension, such the constructionist, resonance, and construction-integration models. He has developed and tested computational models of recall and recognition memory that help explain components of text and discourse processing. His validation model specifies how readers judge the truth of explicit assertions, presuppositions, and plausible inferences in sentences, texts, questions and answers to questions. Scrutinizing the truth of information has become an important concern at this point in history when misinformation has become alarmingly ubiquitous in text and media.

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