2015 DSCA winners: Jerome Myers and Edward O’Brien

Myers Jerry

Jerome L. Myers and Edward J. O’Brien have, individually, made important contributions to our field. Working together, however, they made one of the signature contributions to our current understanding of text processing. Their Resonance Model of how basic memory processes guide comprehension is both theoretically elegant and empirically well-validated. At least as important have been the generations of researchers who learned how to think scientifically and to conduct rigorous research from these two prolific mentors. Jerry and Ed share an emphasis on the values of: (a) obrien_0understanding psychological processes over generating descriptions; (b) rigorous and careful experimentation; and (c) theoretical parsimony. The resonance model is a reflection of these values: if passive, memory-based processes can account for fancy-looking feats of text comprehension, they should be favored over higher-level structures. Ed and Jerry’s development of the resonance model ushered in an era in which the role of memory-based text processing is now a fundamental assumption.

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