2013 DSCA winner: Morton Ann Gernsbacher

Gernsbacher_MortonAnn_2010  Morton Ann Gernsbacher is a Vilas Research Professor and the Sir Frederic Bartlett Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. For nearly three decades, Gernsbacher has investigated the cognitive and neural mechanisms that underlie human communication. She has published over 140 journal articles and invited chapters. She authored Language Comprehension as Structure Building (1990); edited both editions of the Handbook of Psycholinguistics (1994; 2006); co-edited Coherence in Spontaneous Text (1995), the Handbook of Discourse Processes (2002) and three other books, including Psychology and the Real World: Essays Illustrating Fundamental Contributions to Society (2010), with two more books in press. She is also past president of the Society for Text & Discourse.

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