2008 DSCA Winner: Walter Kintsch

Dr. Walter Kintsch is a pre-eminent scholar and founder of contemporary research on discourse processing and text analysis. For decades, he has contributed important ideas and methods such as the propositional analysis of text, levels of discourse representation, the construction-integration model, and applications of latent semantic analysis to discourse representation. These contributions have appeared in landmark Psychological Review articles and in books such as The representation of meaning (1974), Strategies of discourse comprehension (1983), and Comprehension (1998). In addition, he has provided service and leadership by training a new generation of scholars, by serving as editor of journals such as the Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior and Psychological Review and by serving as chair or president of numerous psychological societies. His contributions have been acknowledged with two festschrifts, the American Psychological Association’s (1992) highest honor, and an honorary doctorate from the Humboldt University in Berlin (2001). The Society is truly grateful and indebted to Dr. Kintsch for his contributions.

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