Workshop on Writing Analytics Literacy

Are you interested in Writing?  

Consider attending:

The 2nd Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) pre-conference workshop, to be held in Vancouver March 13-17th.

Where Simon Knight, Laura Allen, Andrew Gibson, Danielle McNamara, and Simon Buckingham Shum are organizing the 

Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) pre-conference workshop on Writing Analytics Literacy 


The 1-page application to attend as a participant is due Dec. 18 (see below). 

This workshop will be of interest to students and researchers actively engaged in writing research, text analytics or writing analytics specifically; educators in schools, universities and businesses; leaders and policy makers; and companies active or potentially active in the field.

We particularly invite individuals who’re thinking about the question: “How can I use learning analytics to improve student writing” – whether as technologists, or teachers.

Participation: Those interested in participating are invited to submit short (1 page maximum) applications for one of the following roles briefly describing which role you would like to participate in at the workshop and what you bring to the position (e.g., past experience working with student writing or writing analytics, how this area relates to your research interests). The workshop chairs will select contributions from a balance of roles, to ensure the workshop runs successfully.

Participation roles include the following:

–  Pedagogic presenters: those who submit short documentation of a specific learning context in which writing analytics could be applied

–  Data presenters: those who provide a salient dataset for discussion of its properties and potential analyses

–  Analytic presenters: those who provide an analytic technique or tool that has been developed, along with resources describing particular pedagogic contexts in which it might be integrated

–  Commentators: those who commit to reading, and responding to, at least one of the above kinds of submission – note that we welcome commentators with all backgrounds and levels of experience

Submission Guidelines


Applications to participate should be submitted via email to  by December 18th

Important Dates


–  December 18, 2016: Submission deadline

–  January 8, 2017: Notifications of acceptance sent out (prior to earlybird deadline of January 13th)

–  March 13-17, 2017: LAK17 Conference details

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