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ST&D 2021 – Online Conference

31st Annual Meeting of the Society for Text & Discourse

The Society for Text & Discourse is an international society of researchers who investigate all aspects of text and discourse including processing and analysis. The purpose of the Society is to foster and promote excellence in research, to enhance communication among researchers in different disciplines, and to contribute to the education and professional development of those in the field or entering the field.

The 31st Annual Conference of the Society for Text and Discourse will be held online August 2-4, 2021. The conference will be held via synchronous Zoom session and Flipgrid. Zoom links will be provided to registrants via email prior to the live conference sessions.

Register for ST&D 2021: To join ST&D as a member and receive preferential registration rates, visit prior to registering for the conference.

ST&D 2021 Online Program:

ST&D 2021 Call for Papers:

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