ST&D 2020 Online Conference – 30th Anniversary of ST&D

We are pleased to formally announce that registration is now open for the 30th Annual (Online) Conference of the Society for Text and Discourse, Cyberspace, which will be held July 21-23, 2020. Important links and conference details are provided below.

ST&D 2020 Online Program:

ST&D 2020 Registration Instructions: To register for ST&D 2020, visit

Members of ST&D should first login to their account before registering. To join ST&D as a member and receive preferential registration rates, visit prior to registering

30th Anniversary ST&D Stainless Steel Tumbler

Visit to purchase a special ST&D 30th Anniversary stainless steel tumbler to toast the Society for Text & Discourse. Price is $30 USD, free domestic and international shipping included. Proceeds go to support the Student Travel Award.

Conference Committee

We thank the Atlanta conference committee for their efforts in organizing the conference.  However, in light of the fact that they have agreed to hold a face to face conference in Atlanta in 2022, the new conference committee will consist of the officers of the Society and the Governing Board Conference Committee.

  • Joe Magliano – Chair
  • Kate Bohn-Gettler
  • Pani Kendeou
  • Mike Mensink
  • Keith Millis
  • Emily Smith
  • Mike Wolfe
  • Jenny Wiley

Student Awards

The awards committee will be selecting the 2020 winners of the Jason Albrecht Outstanding Young Scientist Award and the Outstanding Student Paper award for student authors who participate in the virtual conference.

Conference Program Structure

The program will be organized into keynote addresses, spoken paper sessions, and poster sessions.  The keynote addresses will be presented synchronously and made available for asynchronous viewing. Papers accepted to the program as spoken papers will be organized into sessions based on content. They will be disseminated asynchronously, but accompanied with synchronous discussion sessions.  Posters will be presented asynchronously.  The methods of dissemination are discussed below.

The conference will be held from 10-3 (EST) each day, but this may be subject to modification once a program is created.  However, if there are Asian scholars who choose to participate, this may require some discussion sessions to be scheduled earlier in the morning than 10.


  • ST&D Student members – $0 (Free)
  • ST&D Regular Members – $25
  • Student non-members – $75
  • Non-members – $150

Note: The cost of joining the society is less than the cost of registration for non-members.


We are pleased to announce that there will be two keynote addresses.  These will be delivered by the career award winners, who have graciously agreed to deliver their addresses in the virtual conference.  The speakers are below and titles of their addresses will be forthcoming

• Danielle McNamara, 2020 winner of the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award

• Jason L.G. Braasch, 2019 winner of the Tom Trabasso Outstanding Scientist Award

Spoken Paper Sessions

Papers will be organized into topic-based sessions. 

I) Asynchronous Dissemination of Preprints in Easychair: Authors will be asked to upload a revised version of their proposal.  Specifically, authors will add a title page and abstract page to the submission.  They will be invited to revise the proposal to a length of up to 2500 words (including references), but this is not a requirement. Preprints must adhere to the following license terms in Easychair listed below.EasyChair publications are open access and distributed under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 License.

You may view a sample Easychair preprint here:

Preprints will be linked to each presentation and poster via the online program.

II) Asynchronous Spoken Presentations in Flipgrid: We will use Flipgrid to support the presentation of spoken papers.  Flipgrid allows authors to upload brief audio recordings that can be accompanied with a PowerPoint or PDF file.  We will ask authors to provide a 5-minute overview of their paper that can be viewed prior to the synchronous discussion. Authors can use presentation software to support their overview. Instructions for the overviews will follow.

III) Synchronous Zoom Discussion Sessions for Spoken Presentations: Authors and conference attendees will be invited to participate in synchronous discussions.  We have not yet determined the exact length of these sessions, but anticipate they will be 30-45 minutes in length. Authors will be asked to give a 3-minute overview of their study to support discussion within Zoom. These sessions will be chaired. 

Given the complexities that have arisen for many in light of Covid-19, the committee has decided to make participation in these sessions optional for authors. However, we hope that they take the opportunity to get feedback from attendees.

Poster Sessions

I) Asynchronous Dissemination of Preprints on Easychair: Authors of poster presentations will disseminate their submissions as preprints, as detailed above.

II) Asynchronous Poster Presentations in Flipgrid: We will use Flipgrid to support spoken poster sessions. Flipgrid allows authors to upload brief audio recordings that can be accompanied with a PowerPoint or PDF file. We will ask authors to provide a 5-minute overview of their poster, and upload a PDF of the poster. Flipgrid allows attendees to provide feedback to authors, and authors can respond to that feedback. The layout of Flipgrid is such that it can mirror a poster session.

Instructions on Conference Technology

We will be providing more detailed instructions on the technology, including instructional videos in forthcoming communications.

We look forward to seeing you in Cyberspace in July, 2020!  We welcome questions and/or concerns to our email address at


ST&D 2020 Online Organizing Committee

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