Pen sale to support Student Travel Fund

For those of you who already registered, and renewed your membership,

and were not able to donate to the ST&D student travel fund, we’re

giving you a second chance!

Everyone deserves a second chance! And everyone knows that we need

pens!  But pens that support student travel are even better!  Is it

even possible that one pen could support that much weight? Probably

not, and so we encourage you to buy as many pens as you can afford!

What’s this about?

The Society for Text and Discourse is having its annual Pen sale!

Sure, they are pretty expensive pens, but they are worth every penny

(or dollar in this case).  For $25, you can have your very own Society

for Text and Discourse Pen.  The proceeds from our Pen sale go toward

Student travel, and so, while you are writing, a student may be flying

over an ocean.  It’s worth it!

Place your purchase order for your pens now, and pick up your pens at

the annual conference in Minneapolis!

Not going to the conference?  With just a very small, minimum purchase

order of 4 pens, we’ll be happy to mail your pens to you.

Here is your link to Pen Heaven!

(Pens are non-returnable, but not the the students!)

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