Nominations for the 2021 Tom Trabasso Young Investigator Award – Due 12/1/2020

Nominations are invited for the Tom Trabasso Young Investigator Award of the Society for Text and Discourse. The Award honors early-career scholars (doctoral degree within the last 10 years) who have contributed in an exceptional and innovative way to the progress of discourse research.

To be considered, nomination materials must be submitted to the online submission dropbox ( by 11:59 CST on December 1, 2020.

The following award criteria will be considered:

1. Significant contribution to the scientific understanding of discourse processing and text analysis.

2. Superior promise as a leader in the field

Recognition and Privileges

  • The recipient will be recognized in the form of a citation of 100-150 words 
  • The recipient will receive a suitably engraved plaque.
  • The recipient will be invited to give a presentation at the upcoming or subsequent annual meeting of the Society.

Selection Committee

The selection committee is comprised of four current and/or former members of the Governing Board of the Society, with a minimum of two current members. The 2020-2021 selection committee composition is: Panayiota Kendeou (chair), Jason Braasch, Anne Britt, and Chantel Prat.

Nomination Materials

1. A letter of recommendation which includes:

a. The candidate’s name

b. Date that an advanced professional degree was awarded

c. Detailed description of the nominee’s scientific and professional contributions

2. The Nominee’s Curriculum vitae


A nominee must have received a doctoral degree within the last 10 years. Nominations must be made or endorsed by a member of the Society for Text and Discourse (ST&D). If the nominator is not an ST&D member, then the nomination package must include an endorsement from a current Society member. Self-nomination is allowed. Members of the Young Investigator Award Committee cannot serve as nominators. Those who submitted nominations last year need only update their nomination materials.


All materials must be received by 11:59 PM CST on December 1, 2020. Nomination materials (Letter of Recommendation, Curriculum Vitae) should be uploaded to the link provided below as .PDF files that follow a LASTNAME – TITLE OF DOCUMENT naming format. 

Submission Link

Follow this link to submit nominations materials:

All submitted materials will be held confidential by the ST&D Secretary and committee members. Inquiries about the nomination process should be sent to Panayiota Kendeou (Chair) at The subject line should reference the “Tom Trabasso Young Investigator Award.”

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