Minutes from 2011 conference

Minutes of the Business Meeting for the Society for Text and Discourse (21st annual meeting): July 13, 2011, Poitiers, France

Meeting called to order by chair, Ted Sanders at 12:30PM.  Minutes from the 2010 meeting were approved.

Anne Britt and Tony Sanford will be stepping down from the Governing Board, and were thanked for their contributions.  Willam (Sid) Horton and Danielle McNamara were elected to the Governing Board.

1.  Treasurer’s Report

The finances of the Society remain stable.  Currently there are approximately 185 members.

2.  Secretary’s Report

Election results, a brief review of the composition of the website, and the composition of the announcements sent to the Society were provided.  Members were encouraged to join the Society’s webpage on Facebook. Members will also be encouraged to vote in upcoming elections.

3.  Discourse Processes Report by Michael Schober

Journal submissions remain healthy.  Online first for the journal has launched, which will further enhance the impact factor.  Anne Britt was announced as a new Associate Editor.

4.  Annual Meeting Report 

Approximately 160 participants attended this year’s meeting.

Future Annual meetings:

2012 – Montreal Canada, July 10-12 – organized by Peter Dixon (to run in partnership with IGEL and SSSR)

2013 – Valencia, Spain is tentatively under consideration.

5.  Workshop

J-F Rouet and Max Louwerse organized a series of 3 hands-on workshops.  The workshops were funded by NSF.  90 participants signed up to participate in the workshops.

6.  Awards Discussions

Tony Sanford and Simon Garrod were awarded this year’s Distinguished Scientific Contribution awards.  Chantel Prat was awarded this year’s Tom Trabasso Young Investigator Award.  Mike Mensink was awarded this year’s Jason Albrecht Outstanding Young Scientist Award.  Emily Smith was awarded this year’s Outstanding Student Paper Award.

7.  Fellows of ST&D Discussion – Ed O’Brien

A small committee will meet to discuss the continuing evolution of the fellowship program. Chair of the board (Ted Sanders), Chair of the committee (Ed O’Brien), together with two Distinguished Award winners (Art Graesser and Tony Sanford) will comprise the committee.

8.  Membership – Panayiota Kendeou

A report was offered discussing methods of increasing membership. The committee will continue this excellent work and come up with further recommendations.

9.  FABBS – Art Graesser

New initiatives were discussed/considered including providing information to the public with respect to ST&D via youtube.com promotions, as well as supporting leaders in the discourse field as members of FABB.

10.  New officers

David Rapp will be stepping down at secretary of ST&D.  Nominations are invited. An election among Board members will be held, as per the By Laws, for a new secretary. Chair and current secretary will arrange this.

11.  Roles and Committees – Ted Sanders

A list of roles on committees for ST&D was provided by Ted Sanders.  They include:

Chair of Governing Board: Ted Sanders

Treasurer: Keith Millis

Secretary:  To Be Announced

Journal Editor: Michael Schober

Elected Governing Board: Paul van den Broek, Sid Horton, Panayiota Kendeou, Brooke Lea, Max Louwerse, Joe Magliano, Danielle McNamara, Ed O’Brien, Jane Oakhill, Jean-Francois Rouet, Ted Sanders, Jennifer Wiley.

Annual Meeting Committee:  Paul van den Broek (chair), Jane Oakhill, Jean-Francois Rouet, Danielle McNamara

Program Chair for 2012 in Montreal, Canada: Peter Dixon (chair)

Conference Workshops:  Max Louwerse (chair), Panayiota Kendeou, Sid Horton

Finance and Sponsorship:  Keith Millis (chair), Paul van den Broek, Jennifer Wiley (advisor)

Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award:  Jane Oakhill (chair), Art Graesser, Leo Noordman, Tony Sanford

Jason Albrecht Award, Trabasso Young Investigator Award and Outstanding Student Paper Award: Brooke Lea (chair), Joe Magliano, Danielle McNamara, Sid Horton 

Membership: Panayiota Kendeou (chair), Joe Magliano

Fellows of ST&D: Ed O’Brien (chair), Max Louwerse, Paul van den Broek,  Jennifer Wiley  

13 – New Business

No new business was discussed.

The meeting concluded at 1:30PM.

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