Dear Colleague:

The Science of Science and Innovation Policy (SciSIP) program, now entering its seventh year, began with a Roadmap (

http://www.scienceofsciencepolicy.net/event/sosp-workshop-2008-federal-research-roadmap) to address the need for better tools, methods, and data for improving our understanding of the efficacy and impact of science and technology policy decisions. Significant progress has been realized. Much remains to be done.




The SciSIP program plans to support at least three agenda setting conferences in calendar year 2015. The goal of these conferences is to facilitate the generation and execution of a new Roadmap for the Science of Science Policy community and a strategic plan for the SciSIP program.




The purpose of this letter is to invite the submission of exceptionally creative conference proposals. The SciSIP program invites organizers and participants from all of the social, behavioral and economic sciences as well as those working in domain-specific applications such as chemistry, biology, physics, or nanotechnology.




Full proposals for conferences must be submitted to the SciSIP program via PD 09-7626 by June 1, 2015. These proposals must follow the NSF guidelines for conference proposals specified in the GPG, Chapter II.D.9. Questions and feedback concerning this Dear Colleague Letter may be directed to Maryann Feldman (mfeldman@nsf.gov).








Dr. Fay Lomax Cook


Assistant Director


Directorate for Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences

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