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To: FABBS Council

We wanted to tell you about a couple things that FABBS’ Executive Director, Paula Skedsvold, has been up to in recent days.

1)   We supported the successful March for Science just over a week ago. Now Paula is working with the heads of other scientific organizations to keep the momentum going and to turn it into powerful advocacy.

2)   Paula has gotten a useful grant from the publisher, SAGE, that will allow us to expand outreach to the larger community (other scientific societies and universities) in support of SBE on Capitol Hill.

3)   In the effort to foster better integration of neuroscience and the behavioral sciences, you may remember that we met with Joshua Gordon (NIMH Director) in December. Now Paula is following-up with NIH staff and some of our member society scientists to keep the momentum going. Lisa Feldman Barrett also spoke about the topic at a recent NIH meeting, and her participation was facilitated by FABBS.

We could go on. The point is that FABBS represents our eyes and ears as well as our voice in DC.

Here is the simple ask:

Academic Departments can be University Affiliates of FABBS for a mere $395. Could you please check if your department is an affiliate? The list is here: http://www.fabbs.org/support/affiliates/ or you can follow this link to the flyer. If your department is not listed, could you do a little advocacy of your own? The link for signing up is here: http://www.fabbs.org/affiliate-membership/

EVEN BETTER: If you could pass this request to your society’s Board or its membership, that would be great (cc’ us so we know, thanks).

Drop us a note if you have any questions (or want to brag about your success!).


Thanks for helping FABBS help our sciences.


Jeremy Wolfe, President

Nora Newcombe, President-elect

Jeremy M Wolfe, PhD

Professor of Ophthalmology & Radiology,

Harvard Medical School

Visual Attention Lab  

Department of Surgery  

Brigham & Women’s Hospital

64 Sidney St. Suite. 170  

Cambridge, MA  02139-4170 

Phone:  617-768-8818

Fax:  617-768-8816

Best email:jwolfe@bwh.harvard.edu

Backup: jeremywolfe0131@gmail.com

URL: search.bwh.harvard.edu

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