DSCA deadline extended to Dec. 8

Nominations for the 2014 Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award Society for Text and Discourse

Nominations are invited for the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award of the Society for Text and Discourse. The Award honors scholars who have made outstanding scientific contributions to the study of discourse processing and text analysis.

The following criteria will be considered in conferring the Award:

  1.  Sustained outstanding research that has enhanced the scientific understanding of discourse processing and text analysis.
  2. Contributions to the mentorship of students, postdoctoral fellows, and colleagues in the field of text and discourse.
  3. Meritorious contributions to the advancement of the field through leadership as a theorist or spokesperson for the discipline.

 Recognitions and Privileges

  •  The recipient will be recognized in the form of a citation of 100-150 words.
  •  The recipient will receive a suitably engraved plaque.
  •  The recipient will be invited to give the keynote address at the upcoming or subsequent annual meeting of the Society.
  •  The recipient’s airfare, hotel, and meal costs that are incurred in attending the annual meeting at which the award is conferred will paid by the Society.

 Selection Committee

The selection committee comprises five current and former members of the Governing Board of the Society, with a minimum of three current members. The current composition is: Jane Oakhill (chair), Morton Ann Gernsbacher, Art Graesser, Leo Noordman and Jean-Francois Rouet


Nomination documents will comprise the nominee’s curriculum vita and a letter of nomination signed by one or more Society members other than the nominee. The letter of nomination should highlight the significance of the contributions of the nominee.

  •  Nominees need not be members of the Society for Text and Discourse.
  •  The incumbent Chair of the Society for Text and Discourse is not eligible for nomination.
  •  Nominations will remain active for two years beyond the year of their submission.

 Some Guidelines

The active list of held-over nominations is not circulated. However, you can inquire as to whether your prospective nominee’s name is currently active. If so, you need do nothing; or you can add nomination material to that individual’s file, which will restart that person’s 3-year eligibility.

Effective nomination letters in the past have been around two to three single-spaced pages.


Nominations must be received by 5 PM on December 8, 2013. They should be sent in electronic form to Jane Oakhill at j.oakhill@sussex.ac.uk.


Jane Oakhill, Chair of the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award Selection Committee.

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