Drs. Bohn-Gettler and Kaakinen named as Co-Editors of Discourse Processes

We are pleased to announce that Drs. Kate Bohn-Gettler and Johanna Kaakinen will be the new Co-Editors of Discourse Processes. They will start their tenure as editors on February 1st, 2021.  

Kate and Johanna wanted to convey this message to the ST&D Community:

We are pleased to be the next Co-Editors for Discourse Processes!  Building on the excellent work of the previous editors, we look forward to engaging in initiatives that increase the equity and scope of the journal with regard to content, readership and impact. We will work closely with the Editorial Board and ST&D members to consider ways to continue encouraging the submission of high-quality research to the journal, and to increase readership. We will work to enhance the accessibility of the research to wider audiences, and consider issues related to open science. We believe our unique strengths, collaboration, and vision would support the continued growth of the journal.  We welcome your thoughts and ideas and are excited to work with you!

We would like to extend our thanks to Dr. David Rapp for his service as Editor. The journal has thrived under his tenure and we know that it will as well with Kate and Johanna as editors.  

Sincerely, Joe Magliano

Chair of the Governing Board of ST&D

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