OSPA Award Winners

2018: Alison Jane Martingano: “Overhearing misunderstood dialogue”

2017: Reese Butterfuss: “The role of inhibition in reducing the interference from misconceptions during reading”

2016: Christopher Ryan Williams: “Validating Semantic Anomalies”

2015 – Laura K. Allen: “Change your mind: Investigating the effects of self-explanations in the resolution of misconceptions”

2014 – David Markowitz: “Linguistic patterns in fraudulent science writing style”

2013 – Johanna Maier: “Two ways to attenuate the text-belief consistency effect in multiple text comprehension: Standpoint reading goals and metacognitive training”

2012 – Alexandra List: “’I was looking for the answer’: A critical examination of multiple source use”

2011 – Emily Smith: “Tracking spatial information”

2010 – Kris Liu: “Hedging Memory”

2009 – Mike Mensink: “Evil geniuses: Inference from mismatches between trait descriptions and reader preferences”

2008 – Nick Duran: “Automated detection of coordination between child and caregivers using natural language processing”

2007 – Not awarded.

2006 – Fabrice Cauchard: “Do visual signals extend the vertical visual span in processing of expository text? A gaze-contingent moving window study”

2005 – Johann Ari Larusson: “Using discourse to measure the representational work of pilots during an approach briefing”

2004 – David Havas: “An embodiment basis for emotional language comprehension”

2003 – Carol Madden: “All words require lexical disambiguation”

2002 – Heather Hite Mitchell: “The effects of context on the appreciation and comprehension of jokes”

2001 – Tobias Richter: “Epistomological evaluations in comprehension of expository text”

2000 – Johanna Kaakinen: “Perspective effects on fixation times and memory for text”

2000 – Rob Stanfield: “The effect of verbal context on picture recognition: Initial support for perceptual symbol theory”

1999 – Michelle L. Gregory: “Effects of informativeness on durational shortening in conversation”

1998 – Ken Samuel: “Discourse learning: Dialogue act tagging with transformation-based learning”

1997 – Andreas Schraam: “Aspect and causal inferences: Towards the linguistic component in a process model of inference generation in text comprehension”

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