2016 Governing Board nominations call

ST&D: Elections to the Governing Board, 2016

Dear ST&D Member,

Two members of the Governing Board of the Society are completing their terms this year.  We express our deep appreciation to Panayiota Kendeou and Jean-Francois Rouet for their dedication and service over the past six years.  The purpose of this message is to start the process for electing replacements to these positions. The newly elected Governing Board members will assume their positions starting in Summer, 2016.

Before I discuss the election process, I would like to remind you that only those members who are paid in full for 2015 are able to participate in the election or to be nominated as a candidate.  If you have not paid your 2015 dues, please go the website and do so before participating in the election. Also, if your name is not on the list below, you may still be nominated as long as you are a current member before the ballot is finalized. The website is:


At the end of this message you will find (1) a list of Society members serving on the current Governing Board, and (2) a list of active members who are eligible to be nominated to serve on the Governing Board.  This second list of active members is provided to help you participate in the nomination process. (Note: If you or someone you want to nominate is not on this list, now is as good a time as any to renew that membership!)

According to the Bylaws, the election of new Governing Board members proceeds in two phases.  First, nominees are solicited from the members.  Of these nominees, “candidates for the election will be selected by choosing those with the most nominations, who are willing to serve, up to a total of three times the number of vacancies.”  Second, “The names shall be placed on an election ballot, which shall be mailed to all members. The Hare voting system will be used with each member rank ordering the candidates” (Article 5, Section 2).

Please note that although student members cannot serve on the governing board, they are still encouraged to nominate eligible candidates for the Governing Board, and to vote in the election. Members can nominate themselves or any other member of the Society. The Society is interdisciplinary and international, and we should strive to have a board that reflects that diversity. Your nominations, and voting, ensure the Society maintains an active, participatory Board to support the diverse, international interests of the membership.

Please email your nominations to the Society secretary (wolfem@gvsu.edu) by Monday, November 2, 2015.

With two vacancies, up to six Society members may be placed on the ballot based on member nominations. Your participation in this process is an important part of Society membership, so please email your nominations to wolfem@gvsu.edu by November 2.


Mike Wolfe  (wolfem@gvsu.edu)

Secretary for the Society for Text and Discourse

(1) Current Governing Board

Danielle McNamara, Arizona State (Chair)

Catherine Bohn-Gettler, Wichita State

Sid Horton, Northwestern U.

Johanna Kaakinen, U. of Turku

Panayiota Kendeou, U. of Minnesota (term ends in 2016)

Joe Magliano, Northern Illinois U.

Keith Millis, Northern Illinois U.

David Rapp, Northwestern

Tobias Richter, U of Kassel

Jean-Francois Rouet, U. of Poitiers (term ends in 2016)

Paul van den Broek, Leiden U.

Jenny Wiley, U. of Illinois, Chicago

(2) List of Active Members Eligible for Nomination

Please note: Students are not eligible for election to the Governing Board, and their names (to the best of our knowledge) have been removed from this list.  If you have paid your dues and are not on this list, please contact the Secretary (wolfem@gvsu.edu).

Helene Artus

Elaine Auyoung

Nick Benesh

Nick Benesh

Gina Biancarosa

Jason Braasch

Zhiqiang Cai

Kate Cain

Beth Cardier

Mark Casteel

Raquel Cerdan Otero

Jazmin Cevasco

Ted Christ

Anne Cook

Scott Crossley

Clara de Avila

Irine Anna Diakidou

Jose M. Diaz

Peter Dixon

Sidney D’Mello

Carsten Elbro

Andrew Elfenbein

Robert Englebretson

Martha Evens

Jacqueline Evers-Vermeul

Ying Fang

Evelyn Ferstl

Laraine Flemming

Charles Fletcher

Jeffrey Foy

Reva Freedman

Peter H Fries

Susan Fussell

Richard Gerrig

Michael Glass

Arthur M. Glenberg

Melanie Glenwright

Susan Goldman

Joachim Grabowski

Thomas Griffin

Alexandria E. Guzman

Richard Jackson Harris

David Havas

Scott Hinze

Yukie Horiba

Maj-Britt Isberner

Matthew Jacovina

Bonita Janda

Pyung-Gang Jung

Eriko Kawasaki

Eileen Kintsch

Seth Knox

Dominique Knutson

Hidetsugo Komeda

Kristopher Kopp

Karla Lassonde

Brooke Lea

William Levine

Alexandra List

Elizabeth Lorch

Julie Lynch

Johanna Maier

David Markowitz

Chad Marsolek

Bernard Maskit

Robert Mason

Kathryn McCarthy

Kristen McMaster

Michael Mensink

Bonnie MeyerZello

Amanda Miller

Aldo Severino Nemesio


Tenaha O’Reilly

Jane Oakhill

Edward O’Brien

Peggie Partello

Charles Perfetti

Debra Peterson

Anna Potocki

Chantel Prat

Roxanne Raine

Gary Raney

Katherine Rawson

Melissa Ray

Kristin Ritchey

John Sabatini

Tomoko Sakita

Ted Sanders

Gaston Saux

Sharon Sawyer

Lisa Scharrer

Andreas Schramm

Ben Seipel

Aldo Severino Nemesio

Gale Sinatra

Murray Singer

Emily Smith

Jesse Sparks

Wilbert Spooren

Brian Sundermeier

Deborah Tatar

Janet Tilstra

Stacey Todaro

Mija Van Der Wege

Linda van Leijenhorst

Nicolas Vibert

Eduardo Vidal-Abarca Gamez

Sandra Virtue

Paula  Waddill

Sebastian Wallot

Charles A. Weaver

Katja Wiemer

Susan Wilson

Michael Wolfe

Pui-sze Yeung

Steve Yussen

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