2014 DSCA winner: Dr. Charles A. Perfetti

Dear Members of the Society for Text and Discourse:

We hope 2014 has begun well for you and you are looking forward to a wonderful new year!

It is my pleasure to bring you the news that this year’s DSCA Committee has selected Dr. Charles A. Perfetti (Distinguished University Professor of Psychology; Director, LRDC, University of Pittsburgh, http://www.pitt.edu/~perfetti/charles-perfetti.htm) as the winner of the 2014 Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award.  A committee of senior researchers, chaired by Jane Oakhill, selected Dr. Perfetti from a list of renowned nominees. This is the Society’s most prestigious award, which honors scholars who have made outstanding scientific contributions to the study of discourse processing and text analysis. Previous award winners were Walter Kintsch, Herb Clark, Art Graesser, Tony Sanford and Simon Garrod, Marcel Just, and Morton Ann Gernsbacher.

Awardees are recognized for their:

· outstanding research that has enhanced the scientific understanding of discourse processing and text analysis;
· contributions to the mentorship of students, postdoctoral fellows, and colleagues in the field of text and discourse;
· meritorious contributions to the advancement of the field through leadership as a theorist or spokesperson for the discipline.

The Society is very proud to have Dr. Perfetti, whom many of you may know as a key and highly influential figure in the field, as our DSCA winner. The Society greatly appreciates the opportunity to present the award to Dr. Perfetti at the Society’s Annual meeting in Chicago, IL, August 4-6, 2014. The conference website, along with the call for proposals can be found at:


As a winner of the DSCA award, Dr. Perfetti will provide a keynote lecture at our annual meeting. This keynote will be a highlight of the program that Keith Millis, Anne Britt and their colleagues are currently planning. This meeting promises to be an exciting event set within the Jewel of the Midwest.

We hope you all join us in Chicago! (The submission deadline is February 11, 2014.)

Best wishes, on behalf of the Governing Board,

Danielle S. McNamara

President, Society for Text and Discourse

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